Course 7:    Bollywood Masala--Afro-American Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, B-Boying, Popping and Locking  

It’s time to surprise them all!  The coolest, funkiest, grooviest moves set to the latest Bollywood chartbusters.  Now an international favorite! Great care has been taken to maintain the authenticity of the styles while choreographing them to Bollywood music.

Course 8:    Party Dancing—Freestyle, Solo and Partner-Dancing

A course for those who want to be a hit at socials, parties, clubs and discos…but don’t have the time to get into technicalities.  Lessons include basic rhythms, correcting your body posture, solo-dancing and partner-dancing.

Course 9:    Cardio-Dancercise!

An entire cardiovascular workout using different dance styles.  Jazz, Funk, Techno are all brought together in cardio format to boost your fitness levels in a fun way! Body conditioning and toning on pulsating popular numbers.  Pep up your life, bring a bounce to every step!

Course 10:    Rhythm-Yoga

Yoga-in-motion…The pearls of ancient yoga postures strung together on the thread of Contemporary Dance.  While yog-asanas provide blood circulation and oxygen, Contemporary Dance gives you mind-body coordination, balance and flexibility.  Set to soft, beautiful music.

Course 11:  Body, Mind and Soul

A complete and wholesome package where you cleanse your body, mind and soul—all in one hour!  Twenty minutes of rhythmic cardio-aerobics, twenty minutes of gentle yoga stretches, and twenty minutes of relaxation and meditation.  Rejuvenate and refresh yourself, the holistic way…

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