In these changing times, the staff of corporate houses needs exercise and relaxation more than ever.  An uncertain global economy and increasing demands at the workplace all lead to tension and stress.  What better way to energize than an after-hours dance or fitness class?!

Mind-body art forms like dance increase mental efficiency, physical well-being and confidence…leading to increased output and enhanced performance levels.  This creates a wonderful, positive environment for staff and clients alike!  Also, a dance, fitness or yoga class allows colleagues to interact in an informal setting…leading to better teamwork during actual office hours.

Ajit S. Dutta has introduced “Dance As a Stress-Buster” to many multinational conglomerates, with magnificent results.  Ajit also choreographs for top-notch corporate events… training the staff to perform in a spectacular way, or providing his own team of professional dancers to spruce up any company function.

Ajit’s “Body Dynamics” offers courses that allow you to increase your health and fitness levels, along with your social circle.  If you would like “Body Dynamics” to come to your corporate, check the section entitled "Courses Available", and then "Contact Us."

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